International Trade Promotions

International Trade Promotions

As an Exclusive Trade Development Contractor based in the commercial hub of GCC (Dubai, UAE), we provide information, market intelligence, business matching, trade development mission and exports coaching. These services assist new-to-export and new-to-market, as well as experienced exporters and companies from Foreign Countries to launch, grow and manage their international business in GCC and African markets.

B2B Meetings

Effective dialogue can lead to fruitful, long term business collaborations. We will assist you in making contacts with the right people in the market for business. We will schedule meetings between you and the company for detailed discussions on prospective deals.

Trade Missions

As a trade facilitator, we work in close liaison with State Trade Agencies and Chamber of Commerce of other countries. The Outbound Trade Mission services include preparing & presenting the market overview, opportunities and regulatory framework to export, organize market tours, identify & invite key buyers to the event, schedule one-on-one meetings between the seller & the buyer, report preparation & follow up.

State Trade Representation

We promote the commercial interests of State Trade Offices and their member companies. We actively promote their products, seek buyers, present the products to potential buyers and facilitate sales.

We have been doing this expertly for Consumer and Agriculture products.

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